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Hi, I am Natalia. I will help you translate your brilliant idea into colors, texts and images and present it to the world as a strong brand.

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Branding & Graphic Design

Translate your idea in colors and images that clearly express your mission and message.


Create a strong foundation online where you can tell about yourself and sell your products or services.

Social Media Management

Get to know your fans and customers, share your vision and inspire them with your presence.

A creative advisor, designer and technical geek – all in one.

Hi, I am Natalia. Dreamalizer is a one-woman show and I am running it. Throughout my life I have tried out different careers, interests and passions, all of which have formed me and my vision.

Over the years, I have explored many ‘identities’ and belief systems, but one belief that has always stuck with me was: don’t define yourself (and let others define you) by what you do.
For me, working a 9 to 5 job, with no passion or purpose whatsoever, is probably THE definition of hell. I tried to do it, and tried to understand how ‘normal’ people do it every day for the rest of their lives. But I simply couldn’t. At that point, I thought: but this CAN’T be the only way to earn money, come on! And at that moment I decided that I needed to find other ways, where ‘living your passions and working on your dreams’ was not the opposite of ‘working to earn money’, and create a life for myself where these two concepts were undeniably intertwined with each other, creating an inspired, almost magical existence.
I have learned how to build a business from scratch, and found a creative outlet in graphic and web design, ‘translating’ ideas into colors and images that would make these ideas, this way presenting them to the world.
Every time I help someone else realise their dream, manifest their ideas into physical reality, I feel like together, we creat a little act of magic and reclaim a piece of our freedom.

Ready to assist you during every step of your way.

Building your business is an ongoing process. I am here to assist you in every phase, starting with the creation of your brand, all the way to daily interaction with your fans and customers.

Logo design

Create a powerful symbol of your business.

Investment: €99 excl. VAT

Brand design

Show your brand’s unique vibe and style.

Investment: €199 excl. VAT

Graphic design

Spread the word through printed and digital media.

Investment: starting from €70 excl. VAT

Website design

Create and online presence or start a webshop.

Investment: starting from €250 excl. VAT


Present yourself and your products in the best light.

Investment: starting from €70 excl. VAT

Social media management

Share your work and interact with your fans.

Investment: starting from €50 a month excl. VAT



without limits.



magic every day.



others with your talents.

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